Vulture — Spider-Man 4
Real Name Adrian Toomes
Alias(es) Vulture
Gender Male
Age 62
Movie Spider-Man 4
Actor John Malkovich
Status Incarcerated

Adrian Toomes is a villain who is set to appear in Spider-Man 4 as a member of the Six who goes by his alter-ego, Vulture and possibly another future Spider-Man film.

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Adrian Toomes was an employee of Oscorp Technologies and a colleague of Norman Osborn. During the times when Norman was under a military contract, Toomes had helped him brainstorm ideas to keep Oscorp's funding from being pulled. Toomes developed an experimental suit that utilized a magnetic harness that could allow one to glide through the air. However, Norman fired Toomes,unaware of Toomes having a bed stricken wife Cheryl dying from cancer,After Norman died Toomes became the CEO of Oscorp and met a young man named Peter Parker.However due To Oscorp's economic failings since Norman's death and after Cheryl died,Toomes felt suicidal and pointed a gun at himself but realized that his harness could be used to raise Oscorp's economy so he began to perfect the harness and  the suit,he wore it giving him enhanced strength,speed and durability,he decided to take the name the Vulture,an old insult Norman called him  

Powers: Toomes is just a regular old man but with his suit and harness he has enhanced capabilities

  • Enhanced strength:while Toomes is not as strong as Spider-Man thanks to the harness he could lift around 1 Ton and was able to kill a regular person with a single blow,he was even able to harm Spider-Man
  • Enhanced durability:The Suit is bulletproof and even allowed Toomes to survive blows from superhuman beings like Spider-Man and the Lizard
  • Wings:Toomes uses a magnetic harness that allows him to fly through the air,he also equipped the suit with wings with razor sharp feathers made of a Titanium steel alloy,he can either use the wings as offensive or denfesive weapons

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