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Real Name Adrian Toomes
Alias(es) Vulture
Gender Male
Movie Spider-Man 4 (cancelled)
Actor John Malkovich (cancelled)
Status Alive

Adrian Toomes is a villain who was set to appear in Spider-Man 4 as a member of the Six who goes by his alter-ego, Vulture.


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Powers and abillities[]

Powers: Toomes is just a regular old man but with his suit and harness he has enhanced capabilities

  • Enhanced strength:while Toomes is not as strong as Spider-Man thanks to the harness he could lift around 1 Ton and was able to kill a regular person with a single blow,he was even able to harm Spider-Man
  • Enhanced durability:The Suit is bulletproof and even allowed Toomes to survive blows from superhuman beings like Spider-Man and the Lizard
  • Wings:Toomes uses a magnetic harness that allows him to fly through the air,he also equipped the suit with wings with razor sharp feathers made of a Titanium steel alloy,he can either use the wings as offensive or denfesive weapons


  • Canon (1 film)

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