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Jill Stacy
Jill Stacy.jpg
Real Name Jill Stacy
Alias(es) Green Goblin
Gender Female
Age 26
Movie Spider-Man 4
Spider-Man: The Phoenix Rises
Game Spider-Man: The Phoenix Rises
Actor Kate Beckinsale
Status Incarcerated

Jill Stacy became the CEO of Oscorp Industries after inheriting the company from her father, Norman Osborn, who had passed away earlier.

Due to a recessive gene called 'Retroviral Hypodysplasia' passed on from her father, Jill quickly began to succumb to a disease that began to eat her away from the inside, starting with twitching in her fingers. After a failed attempt at obtaining some of Spider-Man's blood to try and cure herself, Jill injected a serum into his body made by Oscorp during their spider testing stages. Instead of it curing her, the serum simply quickened the process of his inherited disease and transformed his physical body as well as his mind, rendering him insane. As she struggled to move, she found a special. metallic suit, attached to a glider. Jill Stacy donned the suit, grabbed some explosives and flew the glider out of the building as the Green Goblin.


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