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Curtis Connors
Curt Connors.jpg
Real Name Curtis Connors
Alias(es) Curt Connors
Dr. Connors
Gender Male
Movie Spider-Man (mentioned)
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 3
Actor Dylan Baker
Status Alive

Doctor Curt Connors is a science teacher and teacher of Peter Parker.



Peter Parker told his friend, Harry Osborn, that Connors was his lab supervisor who fired him because he was late.

Spider-Man 2[]

Curt Connors is Peter Parker's professor of quantum mechanics at Columbia University. He lost his right arm in war, but he keeps teaching and researching despite that. Connors considers Parker a brilliant student, but lazy, as he tells his friend Otto Octavius.

Spider-Man 3[]

Curt Connors keeps teaching in Peter Parker's course, having in class Gwen Stacy too. When Peter brings him a strange substanceto analyze, Connors discovers it's a unique organism, a symbiote which links to an host having a great influence on the latter's body and possibly mind.



  • In Spider-Man 3 when Peter brings him a sample of the venom symbiote from his costume to analyze, Connors states, "I am a physicist, not a biologist". This directly contradicts the origins of Connors' lizard-related research from the comics.